Some times situations arise that pets may be in need of some first aid...
Many minor items can be treated at home and then watched, although this will depend on the severity of the problem. Other times, we can provide initial first aid and then either consult the veterinarian or get the pet to the vet as soon as possible.

Symptoms: Pain, blistering, discolor, odor of burning fur.

Treatment: Apply a cold compress to the burned area for at least five minutes. Do not use ointments. Then take dog to veterinarian.

Symptoms: Gagging, vomiting, pawing at mouth, crying in pain, excessive salivating, and unconsciousness.

Treatment: Open mouth and pull tongue forward. If the object is seen, remove it. Keep dog calm and take to veterinarian.

Symptoms: Small red dots on skin, biting and scratching.

Treatment: Use flea collars, powders, etc. Vacuum house thoroughly, then discard vacuum bag. Regularly wash dogs bedding on hottest settings.

Symptoms: Sudden lameness limbs in abnormal position, acute pain, and swelling.

Treatment: Take dog to veterinarian, keep calm, and wrap in towel and place splint on limb if possible.

Symptoms: Gasping, panting, very warm skin, dry blue-gray tongue and gums, drooling, unconsciousness.

Treatment: If severe take dog to veterinarian immediately. If not wrap dog in cool towel or soak in cool water.

Symptoms: Very cold skin, shivers, weakness, bloody stool, pale pink-gray tongue and gums.

Treatment: If severe immediately take dog to veterinarian making sure he's kept warm. If not wrap in towel and put a hot water bottle on him.

Symptoms: Stinger marks, pain, swelling, weakness, hives, heavy panting, vomiting.

Treatment: If dog is weak or vomiting rush to veterinarian immediately. If stinger is visible, remove by scraping dull knife, and then apply ice pack.

Symptoms: Minor-small cut or puncture, Serious-extensive bleeding with deep puncture.

Treatment: Minor-clean wound with peroxide & wipe dry, may apply Neosporin if needed. Serious-If there is extensive bleeding flap skin over and apply direct pressure to wound with clean material. Take dog to veterinarian

Symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, and restlessness.

Treatment: Stop car and provide dog fresh air. Veterinarian may also provide tranquilizers before trip.

Symptoms: vomiting, twitching, collapse, bluish gums and tongue.

Treatment: Call veterinarian or poison control immediately. Take sample of poison to veterinarian. Keep dog warm.

Symptoms: Offensive smell of skunk.

Treatment: Flush dogs eyes with warm water then apply warm olive oil or artificial tears. Neutralize smell by rubbing dog's body in tomato juice. Wear rubber gloves.

Tips for Pet First Aid

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