Healthy Pet Checklist:

This list is to be used ONLY as a GUIDE to keep your pet's health in check...
If you answer 'No' to any of the following, you should consult your veterinarian !

Is your pet...

Active and in good spirits Does not have skin that is oily, has a bad odor
Acting normal Is free from fleas, ticks, lice or ear mites
Does not tire easily with moderate exercise Has a body free from lumps and bumps
Does not have fainting episodes Does not shake it's head excessively
Does not have seizures Has ears free of debris and odor
Has a normal appetite Has clear, bright eyes free of matter
Has not gained or lost a lot of weight Has normal hearing
Does not vomit its food shortly after eating Walks without pain or difficulty
Has normal bowel movements (firm & formed) Has healthy looking feet and short nails
Does not drag its bottom or chew at it a lot Breathes without straining or difficulty
Has no missing hair, mats or excessive shedding Drinks normal amounts of water with frequency
Does not scratch, chew or lick itself Normal urination, frequent color /yellow
Has clean white teeth without tartar, fresh breathe (no offensive odor) and with no redness

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