What exactly IS a Website? Scroll this window to find out!

A website can be many things... a 'Calling Card', a 'Business Brochure', a 'Blog', a 'Community Portal' (ie. Facebook), a 'Photo Album' (ie. Snapfish), a 'Video Forum' (ie. Youtube), a 'Store' (ie. Amazon, etc), an 'Auction Site' (ie. eBay, etc.) or 'any combination of these things and more! BUT... 'What exactly IS a Website'... What really makes a website 'EXIST' online and what is it that 'Makes them DO the things that they DO'?

The Answer is:
'Lots of Files and Code that you NEVER ACTUALLY SEE!'

If you want to know what really goes on 'behind the scenes' of any web page that you visit just take a look at the CODE that is necessary to make that page you are looking at possible!

It does not matter if it is a simple page with only text and a few graphics, or a really complex page that incorporates 'Online Forms', 'User Login', 'Shopping Carts', 'Fancy Photo Galleries', 'Embeded Videos', 'Flip Books', etc. EVERYTHING that you SEE on a web page is only 'the tip of the iceberg' of the actual code that is required to make that page exist!

When you pay for a Web Designer to 'build' you a website, what you SEE is a 'small fraction' of the code and work that goes into your project!

Here is how to 'See Behind the Scenes':

1) When you are looking at any web page, 'RIGHT-CLICK' on any 'Background' portion of the page.

2) Select 'View Page Source' from the context menu.

This will open the 'Source Code' of that page in a new tab in your browser.

Take note of the 'extensive' code as well as all of the 'external links' to all of the 'Support Files' that make the page 'appear and function' as it does as well as 'Links to other pages' within the site. There is usually lots of code that does not make much sense to most people but has important roles to play in providing you with a pleasant browsing experience. The first time that I 'looked behind the curtian' I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz! There were 'Flying Monkeys' everywhere! It was a bit intimidating at first but once learned, taming those critters to do what you asked of them became second nature!
All of this is what you get when you pay someone to build you a website!


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