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Our company is family owned & operated. My husband and I, along with our daughter have a great love of animals. We, ourselves, share our home with 5 dogs, one foster at present, 7 cats, 4 rabbits, 5 birds, reptiles and fish... over the years we have enjoyed having Chinchillas, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Mice, Snakes, Iguanas, etc. and if our daughter had her way that would also include a horse, a kangaroo, and a tiger... however, she figured we should not get the deer since the tiger might eat it.

The animals in our home also cover a broad range of 'special needs' such as: Belle, who came to us from an 'abusive' background; Bailey has 'separation anxiety'; Kaela has 'severe hip displasia'; Teddy (passed away) was blind in one eye from birth and had 'severe aggression issues'; Dena (fostered) had a 'collapsing traechea' as well as 'fear' and 'separation anxiety' issues stemming from an abusive background; our last foster 'Storm', was 'epileptic' and occasionally experienced 'gran mal seizures'... It was difficult to see her experience such violent convulsions and be unable to stop them. Even though she was on meds (which helped somewhat) all we could do was to protect her from injuring herself and give her reassurance during these events... and that's just the dogs! As far as the rest of our gang, of our cats; Kirby, has 'major social anxieties' and has 'OCD'... ("Good Grief, Kirby! How long are ya gonna scratch in that litter pan anyway... it's 3 a.m. and we're trying to sleep here!!!"); Luna has 'social disorders'; Lilly is 'highly sensitive to allergens' and she and Baby feel compelled to subject us to their 2 am "Cat Scans"; then there's Baxter, our rabbit (standard Rex) who deals with occasional 'gut stasis' and the last chinchilla we had, Ruby, had recurring issues with ingrown teeth that inhibited her ability to eat... well, let's see... hmmm... Oh, yeah... we had a Red-tailed Shark with 'suicidal tendencies' that kept jumping out of it's tank amidst a house full of cats... well, I think the rest of the zoo is (or was at last check) normal.

Yes, we have (or had) many animals with NO issues, however, we believe that animals with 'special needs' can still enjoy a good life and deserve the opportunity to recieve the same unconditional love that they so freely provide us.

Obviously, my husband and I have experience in dealing with animals of all types as well as a broad spectrum of 'needs'... hence the line, "Large or small... We care for all". Both of us have had many animals while growing up and also cared for the pets of friends and family over the years. In addition to owning our own... including exotics, in the past we both have worked with animals. My husband used to work on his uncle's horse ranch during the summer months... learning to feed, groom and provide proper care and exercise. We are both 'Pet First Aid Certified' through the Red Cross and Darrell has also been trained in Emergency First Response and First Aid. Prior to becoming a pet sitter, I worked in the veterinary field for 2 years... starting out in the kennels and worked my way into a Vet Tech position working with the pets, lab work and assisting in the operating room. We have been involved in foster & rescue work, including puppy mill and wildlife rescues, have raised orphaned 'wild' rabbits and 'fledglings' until they could be returned to the wild, worked with and give support to local area humane societies, and currently work with the All Paws Rescue group.

We actively engage in continuing education to enrich ourselves and provide our clients with the highest level and range of service possible... Our training includes:

Completed Training in:
Pet First Aid & CPR Certified / First Responder Trained
Animals in Disaster: Awareness & Preparedness / Community Planning
( through the Emergency Management Institute )

Currently Training in:
Dog Ethology, Obedience, Behavioral Issues & Rehabilitation
Animal Behavior, Care & Nutrition
Birds of Prey - Care, Handling & Exercise

Our love for animals and the experience we have acquired over the years made pet sitting a natural choice for us. Despite the hectic schedule we enjoy spending time with the animals and giving them lots of attention and TLC.

Many of our clients have been very surprised that my husband due to his mild nature and innate ability to earn the trust of animals has been able to bond with some of the most stubborn or frightened pets. Thus, they have nicknamed him... "The Pet Whisperer".

The rescue group and a few of our clients consider Madison to be the most "Pet Savvy Child" they have ever seen. We attribute this to our firm belief that from day one she should interact with animals and to learn the proper way you "greet & treat" all animals. (Please note: "It is the responsibility of parents to properly educate their children in how to care and coexist with animals, this should be taught from a very early age and should include both domestic pets as well as those in the wild, such as the back yard bunnies, squirrels, opossums and other occasional 'guests' that may happen to come along.") Many of our clients are amazed to see how well Madison is able to interact with their pets... some who have had little or no contact with children at all, thus, this has become Madison's 'specialty'. Here is an example of a dog that was afraid of children... until Madison came along!

Several of our clients have requested Madison's presence to have her help socialize their kittens and puppies with children. This has worked out great, not only for our clients, but also for us; since we homeschool her. This gives her a wealth of opportunities to learn and care for animals... since they are a large part of our lives.

Animals are such wonderful creatures and pet sitting is an excellent way for us to show our love and compassion for them.

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