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The Comfortable Alternative to Kennels

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Creature Comforts provides personalized, in home, loving care tailored to your pet's needs. Our service is available to you while you are away or for any reason including:

Long workdays, Evenings out, Business trips, Vacations, Hospitalization, etc.
We provide service on a daily, regular or an occasional basis...

We're there when you need us!

We are a well established company, serving St. Charles County since 1987... Our company was the first of it's kind in St. Charles and is now 27 years old... We worked for the company for a year prior to purchasing it in 2000 and now include the North-West areas of St. Louis County in our service area. We are family owned and operated, as well as a Corporation in good standing in the State of Missouri.
Highly recommended by Veterinarians, Groomers, other Business Professionals and our Clientele.
Featured on the Channel 2 News "FOX FILES".
We are qualified to provide care for all animals, from Domestics to Exotics...
hence the saying...
"Large or Small, We Care for All !"
We are dependable, honest and responsible care-givers with a genuine love of animals; committed to supporting the needs of caring pet owners who would rather keep their pets at home in their absence; while providing Quality Pet Care for our client's pets as if they were our own.

We are "FULL TIME Professional Pet Sitters !"

This is what we do for a living, this is not a side job or a hobby for us...
We service our clients "seven days a week, 365 days a year".

We all know "there's no place like home" and the same holds true for our pets.
Pets are happiest and feel more secure when they are at home, surrounded by familiar sights, sounds and smells.

Experts agree, from a pet's perspective, the familiar environment, diet and exercise routine, along with the personal attention provided by a "Professional Pet Sitter" is the perfect answer to eliminating the stress of transportation and minimizes exposure to possible illnesses or injuries from other animals.

Creature Comforts happily provides you with what we have termed the...

3 P's of Pet Sitting :

We're there for your PETS... your PROPERTY... and your PEACE OF MIND !


Benefits to Hiring a Pet Sitter

For your Pet:

They remain in the comfort and security of their own environment.
They follow their customary diet, exercise and medical routines... 'Special Needs' pets are welcome.
There is no risk of exposure to illnesses or parasites from other animals.
There is no stress or trauma caused by travel in a car or of being placed in an unfamiliar environment.
One-on-one attention in a stress-free environment.

For your Property:

Plants watered, mail & newspapers brought in, alternate lighting, drapes/blinds and set out trash.
Crime-deterrent security measures are provided by the pet sitter... to give the home a "lived-in" look.
We are qualified to handle most emergency situations such as:
electric, A/C, heating and plumbing failures as well as storm damage or alerting the local authorities if needed .

For your Peace of Mind:

You do not have to impose on family, friends or neighbors... who sometimes forget...
You are not inconvenienced by having to transport the pet and/or making sure to return in time to pick up the pet prior to a kennel closing for the day.
You can feel confident in knowing your pet is in the hands of a capable, experienced and compassionate 'professional'.

Our experience includes:

Personally having many animals, domestic & exotic (including many with special needs), share our home over the years. Involved in foster & rescue work (including puppy mill & wildlife rescues), Veterinary experience, Pet First Aid & CPR certified by the Red Cross and Fire & First Responder trained.
See 'About Us' for more details...

Completed Training in:
Pet First Aid & CPR Certified / First Responder Trained
Animals in Disaster: Awareness & Preparedness / Community Planning
( through the Emergency Management Institute )

Currently Training in:
Dog Ethology, Obedience, Behavioral Issues & Rehabilitation
Animal Behavior, Care & Nutrition
Birds of Prey - Care, Handling & Exercise

We are supporters of the local rescue groups and humane societies.


Personal interviews:

All of your questions can be answered through this website,
our brochures or over the phone.

'Personal Interviews': $25 for 20 minutes...

My time is valuable as is everyone else's therefore if you feel the need to do a personal interview, the above fee is due at the time of the interview. This fee will be refunded on your first invoice if my services are secured. Please have 'your' list of questions prepared... this is NOT a 'New Client Consultation' .

'New Client' consultation:

We meet with you and your pet(s) to evaluate their needs and that of your property and gather the necessary information from you that will allow us to personalize our service to you. Please have a key ready for us at this time.

Outline of Pet Services:

Personalized visits in your home:

Pricing per visit ( * approx. 30 min )

Daily : $ 23

Every Other Day * : $ 25

( This is the 'Nationwide Standard' pricing for a 'Professional Pet Sitter' with
'Experience', 'Qualifications', 'Insurance & Bonding' ! )
* ( The UpCharge covers the fact that animals do not 'shut down' every other day but continue to need care on a daily basis. We are still tending to 'two days' worth of work in caring for their needs. )


A visit includes:

Providing fresh food and water
administering medications if needed, including:
oral, topical, transdermal, injections, fluids, surgical recoveries and other 'special needs' care.
play favorite game, walk to exercise, work on 'socialization skills'
maintain 'skills' training (ie: 'Fire & Rescue' commands, etc.)
maintain litter box and/or cage
provide individualized 1-on-1 attention with lots of TLC !
Transport your pet to the vet or groomer... for an additional fee.

We do our best to maintain the 'schedule' requested for your pets. We, however, practice the 'triage' method and must occasionally adjust our route and/or schedule to accomodate for 'medical priorities', 'emergencies' and 'unexpected road conditions'.

We do not charge 'Holiday Fees.

During 'peak traffic' periods ( Holidays, School Breaks, etc. ), the length of a visit may be shortened in order to provide services for all.


Feel free to contact us for your pet care needs...
You and Your pet will be glad you did.

To Contact us:
email: creature@creaturecomfortsinc.com

or Call us at:

Pet Sitter Standards:

We take our responsibility very seriously therefore we adhere to the following:
We are bonded and insured.
Willing to provide references.
Experienced with animals of all types and are mindful of their safety and well being.
Provide literature describing our services and fees.
We provide New Client consultations, to meet the pet(s), pet owner and to gather detailed information about the pets needs.
We have a positive and confident attitude and are comfortable and competent in dealing with animals.
Eager to learn as much as possible about the animals in our care.
We provide and use a service contract which specifies our services and fees.
We are polite, interested and well-informed.
We are cautious to make sure the client's absence is not detected because of any careless actions and/or disclosures by the sitter.
We conduct business in a professional manner with honesty  and observe all laws on a federal, state and local level.
We have a veterinarian "on call" for emergency services.
We have a contingency plan for pet care in case of inclement weather or personal illness.
We would screen applicants for employment carefully should we ever need to hire.
We refrain from criticizing our competitors and will help them out when the need arises.
We do our best to exhibit courtesy and professionalism in all dealings with staff members, customers and industry colleagues so as to present the Pet Sitting industry favorably and positively.
We keep regular office hours and answer client inquiries and complaints promptly.


We look forward to being of service to you and your pet(s).
We welcome inquiries or questions

Contact Us at:
or Call us at:
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